Custom Made Grade 1+ (Special Selection) Cricket Bat

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Custom Made Grade 1+ (Special Selection) Cricket Bat

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  • The finest Grade One+ bats hand selected by ourselves.
  • Please see the "About Our Bats" section for information on willow grading.
  • The bat is delivered unstickered.
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.
  • Please select your specifications from the options below.
  • If you would like any advice please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • To have a bat copied, please contact us in advance to discuss your order.


It’s everyone’s dream to play for their country. In February 2012 not only will my dream come true but I will also be making history when I, as part of a 15 man squad, tour Dubai to play against Pakistan for the first ever elite ECB England Cricket Team for players with physical disabilities.

Talent Cricket is a key factor in my improvement and consequent success. Yes, I have put in hard work and determination to get to International level but you also need reliable equipment from a cricket supplier that cares about a cricketer’s development. You certainly get that from Talent Cricket. With quality products, personalised expert advice and a professional service, Talent Cricket is in a unique class of its own.

Talent Cricket do not see you as a customer, indeed they are more personal than that. Talent Cricket sees you first and foremost as a cricketer. Talent Cricket provided me with a reliable and durable quality bat from their custom-made bat service that really did make such an impact on my game.

I would like to thank Talent Cricket for playing an integral role in my achievement of International selection.


Talent Cricket Fan

Hi there, would if be possible for you to print my name by means of laser printing, engraving or a small printed name sticker somewhere on the bat for identification purpose? It would be great if you could offer this service. Thanks.

Posted by Talent Cricket Fan on 17/04/2019

Reply from Talent Cricket on 18/04/2019

Hi, no problem, we can do this for you.

Anupam Paul

Hi, I am looking for a Grade 1+ willow and TON Gladiator profile. What is the minimum bat weight to achieve it? And shipping cost to Canada? Thanks Paul

Posted by Anupam Paul on 01/04/2019

Reply from Talent Cricket on 02/04/2019

Hi, 2.9 and above would be achievable for this weight. The shipping cost of 1 bat to Canada would be 20 via UPS couriers.

Arun Joy

Hi Team, I would like to know is it possible to replicate 'Grey Nicolls Scoop XV1000' bat design in your Grade 1+ (special selection) willow. Please advise. Thank you. Best Regards, AJ

Posted by Arun Joy on 03/06/2018

Reply from Talent Cricket on 04/06/2018

Hi, I'm afraid that we are unable to replicate this shape due to copyright on this design.


Can you make a bat with a weight of 2.5?

Posted by Ollie on 06/05/2018

Reply from Talent Cricket on 06/05/2018

We tend to start at 2.6 but if you wanted a 2.5 we can do this for you.


Hi. I would like to know how big the edges would be on a 2.8 and 2.9 bat with full profile? Also do these bats feel lighter on pick up?

Posted by Nikhil on 22/03/2018

Reply from Talent Cricket on 22/03/2018

Hi, the edge size wouldn't be very big on this weight and profile, they would be around 30mm. The pick up would depend on where most of the weight is concentrated, so a lower sweet spot bat would have a heavier pick up to a higher sweet spot bat.


Hi Team, I would like to place an order for a custom made bat in your Grade 1+ (special selection willow) and I wanted ask you is it possible to replicate the same shape of 'Millichamp & Hall Heritage Hybrid bat' and how long it takes for the whole process (bat making, knocking in services, and the delivery to UAE) also let me know the shipping charges to UAE. Awaiting your response. Thank you Cheers, Ajoy

Posted by Ajoy on 08/01/2018

Reply from Talent Cricket on 08/01/2018

Hi, yes we can replicate most shapes of cricket bat and are familiar with this particular model. The whole process including delivery and knocking in would take approximately 2- 3 weeks. The shipping charge for1 bat to the UAE would be 28 via UPS couriers.

Montasir Rahman

Can you make this bat 10+ grain, blade profile pronounced curve, weight 2.8lb, low-mid sweet spot, edge width 37mm - 40mm, spine - high, concave & tapered, 12 piece oval short handle insert mix of rubber and cork? Please let me know. So I can make my order soon. Also last question, what is this custom made SPECIAL SELECTION means? Thank you

Posted by Montasir Rahman on 04/10/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 09/10/2017

Hi, yes, most requests can be accomodated. The Special Selection is a grade 1+ English Willow bat.


What type of concaving is the most modern and how does the concaving affect the sweet spot and pick up??

Posted by Daniel on 09/09/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 12/09/2017

The concaved, flat faced profile is the most modern. This doesn't affect pick up or performance.


Hi, do you apply stickers if I asked requested them and would pay the extra

Posted by James on 30/05/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 30/05/2017

Hi, all of our custom bats are blank, if you wanted stickers applying you would need to do this yourself.


Hi, could you possibly replicate the profile of the latest newberry kudos 2, thank you.

Posted by James on 29/05/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 30/05/2017

Hi, yes no problem.

Abdul Rafi

Hello there, What will be minimum weight for an extreme low sweet spot bat that can be used a monster in T20 cricket?

Posted by Abdul Rafi on 27/04/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 30/04/2017

2.10 would be a good minimum weight for this style of bat.


Do you make 40mm thick edged bats and are you bats oiled?

Posted by Sourav on 03/03/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 03/03/2017

Yes, and if the free knocking in service is selected they will be oiled.

Narasimha Lakamsani

how big are the edges and spine for 2.7 bat that has full profile how big are the edges and spine for 2.7 bat that has concaved profile how big are the edges and spine for 2.7 bat that has semi concaved profile

Posted by Narasimha Lakamsani on 19/02/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 19/02/2017

Normally 32mm edges and 55mm spine on a full profile. Up to 38mm edges and 58mm spine on a concaved shape with a semi concave profile in between. Bats can generally be made to whatever spec you are looking for within reason.

Narasimha Lakamsani

how big are the edges and spine usually for a 2.7 special custom made bat

Posted by Narasimha Lakamsani on 19/02/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 19/02/2017

Hi, this depends on the shape.


£239.99 seems rather inexpensive for a grade 1 plus willow custom made bat, is there any reason for this?

Posted by Samuel on 05/01/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 05/01/2017

Hi, no reason other than we source the willow direct and receive a competitive rate from the bat manufacturer.

alfie morley

what grade wood is this bat made from. also, what does it mean by special selection??

Posted by alfie morley on 07/07/2016

Reply from Talent Cricket on 07/07/2016

Hi,these bats are made from grade 1+ English willow that has been specially selected by ourselves.

Valmik Ahire

Hi, Can you customize the bat to the latest 2016 Gray Nicolls Legend Profile? Thank You

Posted by Valmik Ahire on 26/06/2016

Reply from Talent Cricket on 27/06/2016

Hi, Yes we can, the Legend profile is easy to replicate.


hi there, i was just wondering does the bat come with any stickers on it and what will they say. Also i am 1.65 m tall and use a harrow bat what weight should i get. thank you seb

Posted by Sebastian on 14/05/2016

Reply from Talent Cricket on 15/05/2016

Hi, all of our custom bats come plain without any stickers. We would recommend a lightweight bat if you are used to using a Harrow size, perhaps something around 2.6/2.7.

Jacob pears

Could my handle be oval at the bottom and rounded at the top or does it have to be all the same?

Posted by Jacob pears on 07/05/2016

Reply from Talent Cricket on 09/05/2016

Hi, an oval handle is only oval at the bottom and not at the top.

Samir Pai

Will you allow customers to visit you with an appointment to discuss bat profiles and get help to get a custom made bat?I have 2 favourites currently( both Indian and you don't sell them). I do understand willow availability will be an important factor. It will be a 300 mile round trip for me which will be worth it if we can look at both my current favourites and decide on what's the best for me.

Posted by Samir Pai on 29/03/2016

Reply from Talent Cricket on 29/03/2016

Hi, no problem, there is always someone on hand to discuss your requirements. If you could bring your existing bats that would be really handy.


Hi.Super short handle is like a harrow cricket bat?

Posted by junior on 12/02/2016

Reply from Talent Cricket on 12/02/2016

Hi, a super short handle is 3/4 inch shorter than a short handle.

Tom smart

I know it says it'll take up to 10 days to deliver but how long will it take to make?

Posted by Tom smart on 17/08/2015

Reply from Talent Cricket on 18/08/2015

Hi, the production of the bat is included in the 10 days.


Hi, I was just wondering if any further knocking in is required once the bat has arrived if I selected the knocked in option

Posted by Freddie on 05/05/2015

Reply from Talent Cricket on 05/05/2015

Hi, it should be fully knocked in but will still require some gentle playing in with an old ball before proper net/match use.


could you have the shoulders sloped away(like the dewberry tt) to increase the middle size?

Posted by James on 21/04/2015

Reply from Talent Cricket on 21/04/2015

Hi, yes this is possible.


Hi What Would be the next move then, would I order the bat online and then send you the picture of the profile I want or what would be the best way? Cheers

Posted by Michael on 16/03/2015

Reply from Talent Cricket on 16/03/2015

Hi, Yes the best way would be to order the bat online and then send the profile pic through the post or e mail to


Hi Would you be able to make a copy of a bat from a profile shot of the bat. As I haven't got the bat anymore to be sent in and copied or is that just not possible? Cheers

Posted by Michael on 16/03/2015

Reply from Talent Cricket on 16/03/2015

Hi, Yes that would give us a good idea of shape, would just require all of the your other specs such as weight, grain structure, handle shape etc.

Liam pope

Hi just wondering if you vary the profile of the back depending on specifications for eg if I orded a bat and I wanted one with a full spine without scalloping could that be oranged or are they factory made by machines.

Posted by Liam pope on 24/01/2015

Reply from Talent Cricket on 24/01/2015

Hi, no problem, all of our bats are hand made so if you would like a full profile we can arrange this for you. Just add a short note in the customer comments section of the online ordering process to advise.

Nick Stevenson

do they come with a 12 piece Cane Handle ?

Posted by Nick Stevenson on 30/11/2014

Reply from Talent Cricket on 01/12/2014

Hi, yes they do come fitted with the highest quality 12 piece cane handle.


Hi. I was wondering if the bats vary in thickness depending on their weights. Do they?

Posted by Fin on 22/09/2014

Reply from Talent Cricket on 22/09/2014

Hi, they do to a degree, the more weight to work with the bigger the profile tends to be.


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