Custom Made Grade 1 Cricket Bat

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Custom Made Grade 1 Cricket Bat

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  • The finest grade one bats hand selected by ourselves.
  • Please see the "About Our Bats" section for information on willow grading.
  • The bat is delivered unstickered.
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.
  • Please select your specifications from the options below.
  • If you would like any advice please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • To have a bat copied, please contact us in advance to discuss your order.


It’s everyone’s dream to play for their country. In February 2012 not only will my dream come true but I will also be making history when I, as part of a 15 man squad, tour Dubai to play against Pakistan for the first ever elite ECB England Cricket Team for players with physical disabilities.

Talent Cricket is a key factor in my improvement and consequent success. Yes, I have put in hard work and determination to get to International level but you also need reliable equipment from a cricket supplier that cares about a cricketer’s development. You certainly get that from Talent Cricket. With quality products, personalised expert advice and a professional service, Talent Cricket is in a unique class of its own.

Talent Cricket do not see you as a customer, indeed they are more personal than that. Talent Cricket sees you first and foremost as a cricketer. Talent Cricket provided me with a reliable and durable quality bat from their custom-made bat service that really did make such an impact on my game.

I would like to thank Talent Cricket for playing an integral role in my achievement of International selection.




if i want a full profile 2.8 in weight bat how thick would the be

Posted by freddie on 25/03/2024

Reply from Talent Cricket on 25/03/2024

It wouldn't be as large as a concave or semi concaved shape bat but we could still get a decent size profile.


Do you have a student discount

Posted by Freddie on 24/02/2024

Reply from Talent Cricket on 24/02/2024

Hi, if you use prom code TALENTCRICKET this will entitle you to an additional 10% discount today.


Hi, Are you able to make bats with a larger bowed profile. Similar to a GN Powerbow? Thanks, Sam

Posted by Sam on 06/06/2022

Reply from Talent Cricket on 09/06/2022

Hi, yes that would be possible.


Hi does your bat come with a bat cover upon purchase?

Posted by Akash on 08/01/2022

Reply from Talent Cricket on 09/01/2022

Hi, no free bat cover with these bats.

Peter Lewis

Hi, Can you let me know the difference between a short handle and super short handle, please? Thanks, Pete

Posted by Peter Lewis on 21/03/2021

Reply from Talent Cricket on 21/03/2021

Hi Peter, a super short handle is around 2cm shorter that a standard short handle.

Will (Marnus Labuschagne)

Can i get a bat like Marnus Labuschagne?

Posted by Will (Marnus Labuschagne) on 25/09/2020

Reply from Talent Cricket on 25/09/2020

Hi, yes, if you know the specifications we can get this bat manufactured.

Sandip Kumar

Hi, Is it possible to have maximum 10 grains in the bat?

Posted by Sandip Kumar on 09/05/2020

Reply from Talent Cricket on 09/05/2020

Hi, yes that is possible.

Darrell Carpenter

Hi, Can you make up a custom to the profile of the laver and wood ultra, 2.12lb, with a low sweet spot and 40mm edge size minimal concaving?

Posted by Darrell Carpenter on 11/06/2019

Reply from Talent Cricket on 12/06/2019

Hi, we can replicate most shapes, it would be best to e mail us at and we can discuss from there.

Mark Jackson

Hi, Do you offer a returns policy on the custom made bats? Thanks

Posted by Mark Jackson on 05/11/2018

Reply from Talent Cricket on 07/11/2018

Hi, if it isn't as expected we would be happy to. If the knocking in service is requested we would have to charge for that though.


Hi, are the Custom made bats made in UK?

Posted by Manpreet on 21/09/2018

Reply from Talent Cricket on 21/09/2018

Hi, yes they are UK manufactured.

Harish Mohan

So is the mass in pounds or kg

Posted by Harish Mohan on 19/06/2018

Reply from Talent Cricket on 22/06/2018

The weights are in pounds and ounces.

Tarik Ullah

Hi, I am looking for a long lasting cricket bat that is not heavy. My 2 previous bats broke within 1 season as I think because of the style I play. I play like T20 aggressive batting style. Please advise which bat would be suitable for me to get? Thanks for all the help in this matter.

Posted by Tarik Ullah on 02/05/2018

Reply from Talent Cricket on 02/05/2018

Hi, we would advise a full profile bat with a lower sweet spot to give extra durability and performance.


Hi, I would like to know if the concaved profile affects pickup and performance of the bat.

Posted by Ajit on 23/03/2018

Reply from Talent Cricket on 23/03/2018

Hi, it won’t affect pick up. The sweet spot will generally be a touch narrower than a full profile bat.


Hi, I'd like to know what the edge size would be on 2.6 and 2.7 bat with a concaved profile.

Posted by Nikhil on 23/03/2018

Reply from Talent Cricket on 23/03/2018

Hi, this depends on the weight, but normally around 40mm.


Hey Can I get a custom bat made in the Millichamp and Hall MH16 profile? You can find images online quiet easily or I can supply pics. Weight 2lb 10 oz. Soft Press. P

Posted by Prasad on 30/01/2018

Reply from Talent Cricket on 30/01/2018

Hi, yes, no problem, we are familiar with that shape.

Dinesh Goyal

Do you supply in India

Posted by Dinesh Goyal on 04/01/2018

Reply from Talent Cricket on 04/01/2018

Hi, yes we do ship to India.


Hi, i am looking for custom made grade 1 english willow light weight cricket bat for power hitting for t20 cricket matches. Can you suggest what options i need to select for my requirement. Thanks

Posted by Kumar on 24/10/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 24/10/2017

Hi, can you email and we can discuss your exact requirements. Many thanks.


Hi Can you make a replica of another bat? i.e. copy a shape if i send an image of a bat? Thanks Prasad

Posted by Prasad on 06/10/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 06/10/2017

Hi Prasad, yes no problem, we have done this many times over the years for various customers. There may be a couple of shapes we can't replicate due to copyright.

keyur sajeev

Hey on your custom bat grade 1. what bat profile and sweet spot do I choose if I want to be like the Salix Pod marque.

Posted by keyur sajeev on 18/08/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 18/08/2017

Hi, a semi concave profile would replicate this.

Archie Gordon

How thick is the edge on a junior grade A bat?Can you replicate bats?

Posted by Archie Gordon on 05/08/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 05/08/2017

Hi, the edge thickness will depend on the shape, weight and size of the bat but would generally be between 30 and 35mm. We can also replicate most bat shapes.

J D Raskino

Hi, First of all i would like to say i love your work with this whole idea as it really gives people the freedom to be comfortable with thier bat rather than scavenging around the market to find one that suits them. My question is, for the semi-concaved mid-sized profile at 2.9, what size edges and spine would i be expecting?

Posted by J D Raskino on 25/07/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 25/07/2017

Hi, thanks for your kind words. You would be looking at around 35mm for the edges and 60mm for the spine. This may vary slightly.


How long does it take for the custom bat to be made and delivered to your store?

Posted by Gary on 27/04/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 27/04/2017

Hi, around 7 days.


How long does your free knocking in take?

Posted by Tom on 26/04/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 27/04/2017

Hi, it takes 7 to 10 days at busy times of year.


Hi, what size edges would be on the grade 1 bat if i hat the weight of 2"9?

Posted by Tom on 26/04/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 26/04/2017

Hi, if you went for the concaved profile they could be up to 40mm on a 2.9.

Ahsan Malik

can you help me with the handle selection please and also how long would the back take to be made and come to me because i have matches after a week

Posted by Ahsan Malik on 16/04/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 17/04/2017

Hi, it would be best to call us on 01509 266666 to answer these questions.

Ahsan Malik

what is the ideal bat weight you should get and is it the more the grains the better the bat

Posted by Ahsan Malik on 15/04/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 16/04/2017

Hi, the ideal weight is dependant on the individuals preferance. The narrower grain bats tend to play a little better initially but don't tend to last as long as a broader grain bat.


What is super short handle and the difference of SH and SSH in size (widht/length both)?

Posted by Rafi on 28/03/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 28/03/2017

Hi, a super short handle is 2cm shorter than a short handle, the width is the same.

bertie hickey

Hi I am struggling to decide which profile I would want for this bat because I'm not too sure what the differences are if you could help me out that would be great. Yours sincerely bertie

Posted by bertie hickey on 05/01/2017

Reply from Talent Cricket on 05/01/2017

Hi, the full profile bats are more of a traditional shape with thinner edges but they do tend to be more forgiving to the mid timed shot. The concave bat has thicker edges and looks more impressive but won't be quite as forgiving to the mid timed shot. The semi concave bat is a compromise between the two.

K Y Jagadish

Hi Looking for a grade 1 english willow with narrow grains and clean willow without marks. But the images shown in the website shows multiple marks on the face of the bat. Will it be the same with the product when I receive? Also what is the return procedures if the item is not satisfa8??

Posted by K Y Jagadish on 17/09/2016

Reply from Talent Cricket on 17/09/2016

Hi, This is just a generic picture on the website, all custom bats are made to order and you can specify grain width etc. Our returns information is listed under the useful information tab on the home page.


hi, what size are the edges for a slight bow grade 1 custom made bat?

Posted by reece on 21/11/2015

Reply from Talent Cricket on 22/11/2015

Hi, normally around 30mm but depends on weight.

Dominic Lean

How thick are the edges for a grade 1 bat? Or could I request thicker edges to be made?

Posted by Dominic Lean on 02/05/2015

Reply from Talent Cricket on 05/05/2015

Hi, this depends on the weight and profile of the bat. The thickest edges will be on a modern large bow profile bat with concave shaping at the back.


On your custom made, grade 1, cricket bat, are all the middles the same size?

Posted by Jake on 19/04/2015

Reply from Talent Cricket on 19/04/2015

Hi, This depends on the shape somewhat, some sweet spots can be made slightly larger dependant on the profile of the bat.

Mark Richardson

Hi , Can I get a logo put on it . I own a pub in South Lincolnshire . and would like the logo putting on . I supose I could get a sticker made up and just apply it , but just wanted your suggestion ? Thanks Mark Richardson

Posted by Mark Richardson on 15/03/2015

Reply from Talent Cricket on 16/03/2015

Hi, It would be easiest to get a sticker made and apply to the bat.


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