Shrey vs Masuri

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Cricket helmets have really come a long way in recent times. With the publicity that came from some international players getting quite serious injuries, for example Stuart Broad vs India, where the ball got between the grill and visor of his helmet. Or the most high profile of all the tragic incident involving Phil Hughes where he unfortunately lost his life after being struck by a ball in the head whilst batting.

The Shrey Masterclass Air Titanium and the Masuri Original Series Test Titanium are two of the most easily compared helmets on the market today.

The Original Series helmet is Masuri going back to their older design which was around for over a decade before they changed their design and brought out the Vision Series. In comparison for their range the Original Series is a single shell and lightweight design in comparison to the twin shell and much heavier Vision Series with the reinforced halo system.

The Shrey helmet unlike its Masuri counterpart is the main standout in the brand. The Masterclass Air is their showpiece helmet with its lightweight shell design to go with the lighweight titanium grill.

The two helmets do pass all the new British safety standards and along with the previously mentioned similarities of the single shell deisgns and both being incredibly lightweight this is where they now begin to differ.

The Masterclass Air comes with a velcro adjustable strap at the back which does allow for tighter and looser fits not just from the strap itself but also where the wearer decides to position the strap either inside the shell or outside of it. The Masuri unfortunately doesn't come with one, however the foam padding in the helmet does comfortably mould to the wearers head. These have been popular with customers for different reasons. Some say the adjuster helps with the fit, others say it gets in the way. Likewise with the Masuri, we have had feedback saying it not having the adjustable strap at the back is a good and bad thing.

An upside the Shrey does have over the Masuri is the extra neck/stem guard. With the Masterclass Air it comes free with the helmet, where as the Masuri it is an extra cost. It is widely spoken about the difference in the additional protection for the helmets with the quality of the Masuri StemGuard coming out head and shoulders above that of the Shrey equivalent.

There is not much to pick from when it comes to the helmets besides personal preference and feel. There is that little between in terms of weight as well, the Shrey weights 720 grams where as the Masuri is 5 grams lighter, weighing in at 715 grams.


Let me know what your thoughts on the two helmets are and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.



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