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Named after the king of the Titans, Kronus, this range is targeting the attacking, dominating cricketer and with its impressive colour scheme and subtle detailing this range certainly is one that grabs your attention.

For the Kronus range this year Gray Nicolls have brought out an incredible 9 different versions. Ranging from the Kronus 200 all the way through to the impresive Halestorm (designed with Alex Hales to match his bat). Having this many bats may seem a bit of an overkill on Gray Nicolls part but it does mean there is something in there for everyone. There is a light version of the Kronus bat as well (Kronus 700 Lite) which doesn't come any heavier than 2.8LB, which when compared to the Halestorm which comes no lighter than 2.10 and goes up to 3LB.

With its already impressive cosmetics which take your eye straight away, the unique design for the back of the bat is even more impressive. Designed to optimise the most amount of wood possible into the hitting area while also aiding the pick up Gray Nicolls have designed an innovative double profile which tappers off the edge which allows for a bat to feel lightweight while leaving a full profile to the bat. This is something which I feel will make the Kronus a real big seller for ourselves and Gray Nicolls this year.

In the Kronus range Gray Nicolls have brought out three ranges that match up to each other, the 600/800/Test.

The Kronus gloves all feature a pro curved sausage finger style design which does allow for the optimum level of finger protection with no gaps in the finger compared to split finger and shark tooth glove designs. The three ranges have all levels of player covered with the 600 being classed as club level protection, 800 being good enough for those playing first class level and then the Test level glove doing as it says on the label being a Test match level quality in terms of protection. The classy looking cosmetics make it a real standout and the subtle details in the cosmetics make it really appealing on the eye as well as for the feel and assurance you get with a brand like Gray Nicolls in terms of the quality you know you get with their products.

The pads are a mixture of new techniques in terms of materials used while matching up with traditional methods too. Using cane for the shin bolsters means that the wearer is getting brilliant levels of protection while making use of high density foam allows for them to incredibly light weight as well. The Kronus pad range as well mixes very well the classic and traditional look associated with Gray Nicolls while also having enough on them to show that they are the Kronus range without going overboard which is something that has proven very popular about them already.

For this range Gray Nicolls have brought out three bags to match it, two duffles (Kronus 400 & 800) and one holdall (Kronus 600).

The Kronus 400 is a uniquely designed duffle bag with two external bat sections as well as one large internal storage space which would allow any club cricketer ample opportunity to fit all their kit in for nets over the winter or if you are someone who doesn't feel the need for the most amount of kit, then it is a perfect cheaper option for your match day kit too. With dimensions of 80cm x 35cm x 35cm this duffle will also comfortably fit into the boot of any car and not take up much space in a changing room either.

The Kronus 600 holdall is another absolute steal of a bargain for club cricketers. Carrying on the Kronus colour scheme it looks very smart and wont take up the largest amount of space in the car or changing room with its modest dimensions of 90cm x 40cm x 32cm. This is classed as a medium sized wheelie compared to some of the other bags on the market but with its large internal compartment it will comfortably fit in a full adult size kit. With it having an external bat pocket it means there is more space inside for the remainder of your kit be it for nets and games. There is also a handy valuables pocket incorporated into the inside of the bag. 

Finally, the third bag in the Kronus range is the Kronus 800. This is the biggest of the three Kronus bags, with dimensions of 92cm x 40cm x 32cm, it is definitely one of the larger duffles on the market. It has a lot of storage space with 6 pockets in total on the bag, which includes a large internal storage space with the bat casing incorporated into this section. Also, quite handly it has two straps on the front of the bag which make loading it in and out of the boot of your car easy than some of the other duffles around. The cosmetics on this bag as well make it a real standout against its competitors and the price make it a bargain as well. So for any club player that prefers a duffle over a holdall it is one of the better choices around.

If this range is one that grabs your eye, unfortunately for wicket-keepers there is very slim choice as Gray Nicolls have only chosen to do the one range of keeping pads and gloves, the Kronus 800.

While this is considered a mid-range option and considerably cheaper than the Predator LE gloves that Gray Nicolls have come out with again, the Kronus 800 in their grading stands up to County level protection and in my opinion, it is a real bargain for the quality of materials used in the gloves and protection you get it is much more than a mid-range quality glove. The "T" cup design gives the wearer the largest possible surface area for those quick reflex catches while not compromising thumb position or regular catching abilities. The materials Gray Nicolls have used for the cuff and back of the glove give the wearer optimum protection and impact absorption while also allowing for the hands to breath and not sweat so much, the high density foam and towelling means that while remaining light the wearer is still going to know they are fully protected in one of the best gloves on the market.

The pads, like the gloves, are an absolute bargain being mid-range for the quality of product you are getting for the money you'd be paying for them. Made predominantly from high density foam means that this pad is incredibly light weight while also still offering a good level of protection for the wearer with this being reinforced by the traditional cane rods in the pads. For any club wicket keepers these gloves and pads will be more than a good set to have in your kitbag.


Have a look at all the Kronus range on our site and let me know in the comment section below what you think.



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