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Puma Cricket Bats from Talent Cricket

Puma cricket bats are famous for their innovative design and superior performance and they’ve undergone a dramatic overhaul in 2014, making them better than ever for every cricketer. The range of Puma cricket bats features three selections with over 8 bats in total, so whether you’re a big hitter or a cautious plodder, the Puma range will have the perfect bat for you.

Puma Wall of Fame

There are currently over 15 international cricketers relying on Puma cricket bats. These include world famous all-rounder Andrew Flintoff and specialist batsman Aaron Finch, so with a Puma bat you’re keeping illustrious company with some of the world’s best cricketers. So why do they trust Puma cricket bats? Well every last detail of the Puma cricket bat has been designed to improve your game. Here are just some of the ways how:

  • The Platinum LE's - new for 2014, the Platinum LE range has evolved from the requirements of Puma's sponsored players over the years. The thick edges and imposing swell hint at the power contained within. Perfectly balanced to provide an unrivalled pick-up and a devestating amount of hitting power.
  • The Platinum - new for 2014, the Platinum range offers a pro shape cricket bat on a more affordable grade of willow than the Platinum LE's. The most powerful shape bat in the new Puma range.
  • Puma Chromium - new for 2014, The Chromium is a real bold statement of bat making. It definitely won't go unnoticed with its aggressive profile and bright decals.

Puma Cricket Bats - Releasing your Potential

Puma cricket bats are more than just good designs, they are engineered down to last millimetre until they become precision bats that are guaranteed to bring out the best in your game. So, this year explore the improved range of Puma bats on Talent Cricket and discover all you can be.

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