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Slazenger Cricket Bats from Talent Cricket

Whether you are just discovering cricket or are playing for England, the right kit will help you improve and Slazenger cricket bats are expertly designed to do just that. 

Our large selection of cricket bats range from lighter bats to the Slazenger cricket bat specially designed for those big hitters.

 Why Slazenger Cricket Bats?

 There are so many brands out there now it can be hard to choose which bat to go with but Slazenger cricket bats are uniquely designed to assist the batsman and enhance his playing making them a great choice for keen amateurs or professionals alike. All our bats have optimum balance and an imposing profile and you can choose the weight, location of ‘sweet spot’ and depth of profile.  Included in our range are:

  • The V100 selection is more suited to a fast developing game. Its powerfull profile, great balance and striking graphics make it ideal for the player who like to score all around the wicket.
  • The V800 features a mid blade profile, impressive swell, thick edges and a sharp spine to deliver explosive power. The V800 also has a very light pick up and is used by Englands Jason Roy and Adil Rashid.
  • The V1000 is a bat of technical excellence embracing the modern day on pitch requirements with stylish graphics and imposing flat face profile. 
  • The V12 Pro Tour Range bat follows on from the massive success of the last two seasons and features stunning retro styling on a contemporary profile. 
  • The VXR bat is new to the Slazenger range for 2017. It features aggressive modern profiling and enlarged edges to deliver a bat suited to the modern game.
  • The V12 Ultimate bats are new to the Slazenger range for 2017 but require little introduction. The V12 is a true icon of the 20th century and has been relaunched with one important added feature, that profile!

As you can see, Slazenger cricket bats are favoured by professionals, a testimonial that speaks for itself of the quality and performance of our bats.

Shop Online for Slazenger Cricket Bats

Slazenger cricket bats have something for everyone so browse and buy online today to take your cricketing up a notch in 2017. 

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