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Salix Cricket Bats - Over 25 years of independent handmaking.

Batsmen in search of that textbook shot will be delighted to discover our extensive range of high performance Salix cricket bats.

Salix is a name which has long been associated with quality. Salix cricket bats are entirely handmade for outstanding originality, a process which is rare amongst professional batmakers. Because of this, you know when you purchase a Salix cricket bat you’ll be getting ultimate refinement from start to finish.

New for 2017

THE 2017 SALIX BAT RANGE is as always driven by their production processes which offer variations within pressing, shaping and sanding which in turn define the character of each model, whilst all still share the governing tenets of performance, balance and finish.

In 1990 Salix set up an independent manufacturing company to handmake bats from cleft to finish.  In their 27th year, this remains absolutely fundamental to the brand.  All of the Salix senior bats are 100% independently Salix made, by hand, to the highest levels in the industry.  There is no more labour intensive bat, they are not outsourced and are totally CNC free.  

This 100% Salix manufacturing from cleft to blade, then blade to bat has enabled them to develop the flatter face whilst retaining the bow which we believe is essential in balance and performance.  Salix's modern, flatter face offers enhanced power and a more immediate gratification for the player.  In conjunction with this, Salix have continued to develop the traditional rounder profile and their various press rollers and techniques have widened the range into seven very distinct models.  

Talent Cricket has a wide range of Salix cricket bats available, including:

  • Salix SLX Cricket Bats
  • Salix Arc Cricket Bats
  • Salix Pod Cricket Bats
  • Salix Raw Cricket Bats

Take a Shot on Salix Cricket Bats from Talent Cricket

Feel like man of the match when you carry a Salix cricket bat – the cricket bat of choice for sporting professionals worldwide. The beauty of playing with a professional-grade Salix cricket bat is that you’ll always be on fine form, whatever your abilities.

Talent Cricket has a long standing reputation for supplying only the finest quality cricket bats at the most reasonable prices. Don’t get caught behind – shop with Talent Cricket today for your brand new Salix cricket bat and play a top order game, every game.

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