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Pre Orders


Pre - ordering applies when a product is listed on our website that isn’t available but is due in at a certain time. This process applies most during October and November when new product has been uploaded to the website and is due into stock shortly.

Any particular product that is available to pre - order will have a note of this in the relevant product description with an estimated delivery time, and once the product becomes available it will be sent out asap.

We encourage customers to pre - order product to guarantee availability of stock and delivery for the busy Christmas period.

Payment for pre - orders is only authorised and processed once the goods are ready to be shipped.

Once any particular product that has been listed as a pre order becomes available the note in the relevant product description will change from ‘Available to pre order’ to ‘Available Now’, and a note of the delivery will appear in our stock delivery update section listed under the ‘Useful Information’ tab on the home page.

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