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Newbery Cricket Bats

Quality. Balance. Beauty. You know it’s a Newbery.

Used by players the world over, from the Clubs to the Test Match arena, Newbery Cricket bats are distinguished by high performance, finely tuned balancing and traditional craftsmanship, perfected over the course of a century.

Top Order Newbery Cricket Bats

Talent Cricket is very proud to be able to offer you a wide selection of professional quality Newbery cricket bats, encompassing all of their most popular ranges. Whether you’re a low order batsman or man of the match, you won’t get caught behind when you play with a Newbery cricket bat. Made from only the finest English willow, Newbery cricket bats deliver impeccable performance, shot after shot.

Talent Cricket stocks a range of Newbery Cricket bats, including:

  • Newbery Merlin Bats
  • Newbery Blitz Bats
  • Newbery Kudos 2 Bats
  • Newbery Kudos Bats
  • Newbery Quantum Bats
  • Newbery Triumph Bats
  • Newbery Infinity Bats
  • The Newbery 7even Cricket Bat

Talent Cricket is also home to the brand new Kudos range of Newbery cricket bats, which features minimalist stylishly embossed stickers, and is made to meet the requirements of the modern day professional batsman.

Shop at Talent Cricket and Push Your Boundaries

There’s nothing like the feeling of carrying a superb bat, especially when it’s one of our powerful range of Newbery cricket bats. All of our stock is top of the line, and our reputation for great service is second to none. So if you’re on the up and want to invest in a great new bat, choose one of our Newbery cricket bats and get on the front foot, every time.

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