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Gunn and Moore Cricket Bats: Intelligent Innovation in Your Hands

Bowl the competition over with Gunn and Moore cricket bats that offer advanced technology and superior performance. Defend your stumps with advanced Gunn and Moore cricket bats built by experts in the industry. You can proudly swing a bit of Britain from England’s finest cricket bat makers with Gunn and Moore cricket bats. We stock an extensive collection of their 2016 range ready for you to take to the pitch.

Willow that Won’t Let You Down

Gunn and Moore cricket bats come in 8 qualities to help you choose a grade of willow to suit your performance and budget. From their seasoned grade 4 willow to their unbleached seasoned grade 1 English willow bats; you can experience outstanding feel and a 5 star performance from your Gunn and Moore cricket bats. Fend off fast paced deliveries with their multi-piece cane handles that allow you to manoeuvre your bat quickly and smoothly.

Just some of the Gunn and Moore cricket bats and 2016 ranges we stock include;

  • Octane F2 - A huge bat with a flat face, low swell and massive contoured edges.

  • Mana F4.5 - A shortened blade design with substantial 4.5 edges in the drive zone giving a dynamic sweet spot.

  • Paragon F4.5- The Paragon cricket bats are known for their large profile and incredibly light pick-up which is the result of a high swell position and full concaved profile for more powerful performance. 

  • Maxi F4.5 - GM have developed a bat ideal for the front foot attacking player with the Maxi 4.5. It features a low swell position with concentrated power towards the toe.

  • Six6 4.5 - The Six6 has substantial F4.5 contoured edges with reduced shoulders and toe for a powerful all round bat. 

  • Mogul F4.5 - A beautiful big profile bat with a big swell behind the hitting area, extended sweetspot, powerarc bow and a concaved back profile.

Gunn and Moore Cricket Bats: A Reputation for Excellence

Established in 1885, Gunn and Moore have been producing advanced cricket equipment for over 120 years. Known for their innovative cricket bat design and advanced range of cricket equipment, Gunn and Moore doesn’t disappoint when it comes to kitting out the discerning cricketer. Endorsed by English, New Zealand and Australian professional players, Gunn and Moore cricket bats appeal to the most fastidious of cricketers. Browse our collection of Gunn and Moore cricket bats online today.

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