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Cookie Policy

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For the best possible user experience, we strongly recommend that you have cookies enabled in order to use the Talent Cricket website. For further information on how to enable cookies on your system, please click here.

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer and provide a way to keep track of how you are interacting with websites from your web browser. In many cases cookies are essential in order for a site to function correctly.

Cookies can be used in a wide variety of ways by different websites and as of May 26th 2012 it has now become a legal requirement within the EU to inform users how cookies are being used on individual websites.

Below is an overview of how Talent Cricket uses cookies and the information that is stored on your system.

Essential Cookies

These are cookies that the Talent Cricket website requires in order to function correctly:

Cookie Name Purpose
PHPSESSID The Talent Cricket website stores a cookie containing a Session ID on your computer while you are using the website. This unique Session ID is sent to the Talent Cricket server as you navigate around the website, providing a way to identify your information that is being stored on the Talent Cricket server, such as the items currently in your basket, the progress of your order or whether or not you are logged into your account. If you disable cookies completely for Talent Cricket via your browser, you may find that the website does not function as expected.
eu_accept Provides a way of letting the Talent Cricket website know if you have continued to use the Talent Cricket website and are therefore happy to accept cookies from this site.
eu_hide Provides a way of letting the Talent Cricket website know whether you would like to hide the cookie notification message that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Customisation Cookies

These cookies allow you to customise certain aspects of the TartyBikes website to help enhance your user experience. Each of the following settings can be turned on or off using the options below and clicking the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page. Please note that if you turn off a particular setting then the feature will still be available, but will not save your setting within a cookie. This means that the site may revert back to the default setting regardless of the selection that you make or that your preferences will not be remembered the next time you visit the website.

Cookie NamePurpose
search_grid Specifies how to display the product search results (either in a list or a grid view).
viewed_product_ids[1..10] Keeps track of the last 10 viewed products which are then displayed under the Recently Viewed section of the products page. One cookie is created for each product viewed, with a maximum of 10 view_product_ids cookies being stored at any one time.
background_id The TartyBikes site allows you to select a custom background. The cookie simply saves an ID to let the site know which background to display.

Third-Party Cookies

In order to enhance your user experience, the Talent Cricket website uses third-party plugins such as embedded YouTube videos. As a result of embedding such services within the site, it is possible for third-party companies to copy cookies onto your system through you accessing the Talent Cricket website. Talent Cricket has no direct control over third-party cookies or the information stored within them. Below is a list of the cookies identified on the last cookie audit carried out by Talent Cricket on 31/03/2014. Please note however that the names, quantity and content of third-party cookies is subject to change without notice.

Cookie Name Purpose
Cookies provided by YouTube that potentially gather usage information
PAPVisitorId A cookie used to track any customers that have reached the Talent Cricket website via an external affiliated partner website that is part of the Post Affiliate Network, such as The information stored includes a marchant account identifier, the IP address of the customer, details of the affiliate link/banner that was clicked, a banner and compaign identifier, the date of the visit and a time validity identifier.

Google Analytics

This site has been integrated with Google Analytics in order to monitor the way in which the Talent Cricket website is used. Below is an overview of the cookies that are used by Google Analytics. More detailed information regarding these cookies can be found at

Cookie Name Purpose
This cookie is used by Google to keep track of your session as you visit the site. This allows Google to determine information such as the pages yo have visited and the links you have clicked while browsing the site.
__utma Allows Google analytics to determine which web browser you are using to view the website (i.e. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc).
__utmz Lets Google know how you reached the Talent Cricket website. Whether that be via a search engine result, a direct link from another site, or an ad that linkes to the site.
__utmv This cookie is used by Google Analytics to track and report custom information that is specified by . This may include demographical information such as age range or product preferences.
__utmx This cookie is used by the Google Website Optimizer (GWO). This is a tool that helps us establish the most effective design of our website.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to accept cookies sent from this website. View our cookie policy for further information.